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    Jon Hegreness


    I am a full time Realtor, except that is a lie. I am also a full time husband and a full time father. Originally from the Seattle area, I have been a Valley Resident for 21 years, a Phoenix Realtor for 16 years, a Husband for 13 and a Father for 11. I tend to work hard / play hard, laugh often and give myself 100% to everything I do.

    Having been involved in countless thousands of real estate negotiations myself, I enjoy the negotiation where others find discomfort. The deal structuring and negotiations that are a daunting task to most realtors has become my favorite part of my job. There is nothing better than helping a client secure a great property.

    I believe my success comes from the fact that I put my client's needs first and I am a highly skilled negotiator that understands both sides of a negotiation to make a deal happen. I believe in real estate. I believe in God. I believe that my purpose is to help others win through my counsel and expertise. I believe buying or selling a house can be fun. I believe that a day on the lake beats a day doing just about anything else. I believe my children are smarter and more mature than many....well, most of the adults I know. I believe my wife is too amazing for words and I am blessed because she chose me.

    There are many criteria that can be used to select a Realtor to sell your home, but may I suggest hiring someone that is a skilled negotiator, whom is also incredibly experience and familiar with handling all the issues that can arise, from appraisal issues, inspection issues and buyer loan failures. It so happens that I fit those criteria.

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    Jon Hegreness
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    8360 E. Raintree Drive #205
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