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Monthly Archives: September 2016

    Am I Approved or only Pre-Approved?

    By Admin | September 26, 2016

    In the past (before 2006), borrowers could make offers on houses with nothing more than a note from their lender stating they’ve been pre-qualified.  That meant the lender spoke to them and thought they were a pretty good bet.  Later, lenders began to pre-approve borrowers.  That meant they’d gone beyond a friendly chat and actually... Read More

    Help for Slowing Alzheimer’s

    By Admin | September 19, 2016

    Scientists searching for causes of and cures for Alzheimer’s disease may have discovered a source of protection. A Scandinavian study followed 271 people ages 65-79 for seven years. They periodically tested blood levels for a marker of vitamin B12, as well as an amino acid called homocysteine. At the beginning of the study, none of... Read More

    Unusual Self-Staging Secrets — Whether You’re Selling or Not

    By Admin | September 12, 2016

    Staging is a word that has gained popularity in the real estate world in recent years. In case you haven’t heard the term, it means setting up the interior and exterior of your home with nice furnishings and decor so that home buyers can imagine themselves living in a clean, clutter-free, stylish home. You know…the... Read More

    Get a Fresh Look for Your Kitchen — INSTANTLY!

    By Admin | September 6, 2016

    Adding a flashy backsplash is one way to help transform your kitchen. Backsplashes can take the emphasis off of countertops that might need updating or cabinets in need of overhauling. But who wants the hassle of cutting tile or stone and dealing with messy grout, or the expense of hiring someone to do it? But... Read More