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5 Tips for Maximizing Small Kitchen Space

If you have a small kitchen, here are 5 ideas for maximizing space:

1. Use your oven for storage. You can store your baking dishes, cookie sheets, cooling racks, and muffins tins in the oven. Remember take them out before you turn the oven on!

2. Install hooks wherever you can. Use a hanging pot rack, and add hooks to the bottom of a cabinet for cups, strainers, oven mitts, etc.1

3. Create your own pantry. If you don’t have an officially designated pantry, you can put shelves in your garage to store canned goods, extra cooking supplies, etc. Or add a cabinet to your dining area, or borrow space from the laundry area.

4. Add a roll-away counter. Use a butcher block counter on wheels. It can sit in the corner and store the big kitchen appliances, like your food processor and blender.

5. Store pots and pans up high. Many of us have several feet of free space between the tops of our cabinets and the ceiling. Use it to store your biggest pots and pans.

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Scot Sidener

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