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Help for Slowing Alzheimer’s

Scientists searching for causes of and cures for Alzheimer’s disease may have discovered a source of protection. A Scandinavian study followed 271 people ages 65-79 for seven years. They periodically tested blood levels for a marker of vitamin B12, as well as an amino acid called homocysteine.

1At the beginning of the study, none of the participants showed signs of dementia. Over the following seven years, 17 of the 271 participants were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The researchers found that study subjects with more homocysteine had a 16% higher risk of developing the disease, while those with more B12 (which is associated with lower levels of homocysteine) had a 2% reduced risk of Alzheimer’s.

The indications seem to support the use of vitamin B12 in slowing the onset of Alzheimer’s. Vitamin B12 can be found in eggs, fish, poultry, and other meats, and is best consumed through a balanced diet, rather than through vitamin supplements.

Interesting, huh?

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