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Leading Cause of House Fires

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.11.49 PMDid you know that most house fires occur because lint builds up in the dryer or exhaust duct? A clogged duct can also push warm, moist air into wall cavities, encouraging mold and fire. Here are some tips for easily preventing lint fires.

  1. Clean the lint screen before drying each load of laundry. Weekly, use a vacuum to clean the lint screen slot.
  2. Every few months, pull the dryer away from the wall and remove the entire duct. Vacuum out the back of the dryer, the dryer duct, and the wall duct as far as possible, using a long vacuum attachment.
  3. Make sure the external vent is clear of obstructions, such as birds’ nests and lint build-up.

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