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Order Early! Gifts under $10 they’ll actually use!

A hobby-themed or jewelry thumb drive/USB drive. USB drives come in themes! Fill it with photos, reports, or other electronic data of interest to your receiver.

A subscription to a paper magazine. There’s still something satisfying about flipping through pages. Google ‘magazine subscriptions.’ Buy a copy from the store, then put their subscription notice inside.

Google cardboard 2.0. Everyone gets a kick out of these inexpensive ‘glasses’ that let you experience 3D immersion using your smart phone.Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.55.30 PM

A book of brain teasers or other puzzles. These are inexpensive keepers for those in your life who love to figure things out.

Infectious disease stress ball. Who doesn’t love a stress ball next to their computer? This one is different. Google ‘disease
stress ball.’

Themed or decor salt & pepper shakers. You can find these online in just about any theme. They make surprisingly useful and personal gifts.

Texting gloves. Talking with your fingers is challenging when it’s cold outside! These
come in a huge array of styles and colors.

Specialty baby trees or seeds. Give a
seedling or the actual seeds for a coffee tree or chocolate tree. These will take a while to mature (years!), but will be a gift they remember. Google ‘organic tropical seeds.’

Scot Sidener

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