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    Which New Habit Could Transform a Person Practically Overnight?

    Transform OvernightWhat one habit could transform someone’s life immediately? Here are some answers to that question when asked on social media.

    • Count to 10 before reacting.
    • Commit to 10% of a goal. If your goal is to exercise for 30 minutes, commit to 3 minutes. If you want to save 10% of your income, save 1%. We tend to make goals beyond what we’re actually willing to do. Set an ideal goal, then scale back on your actions until ready for more.
    • Ask how you contributed to any problem that happens to you…and find the place where you could have/should have done something different.
    • Delay gratification. Food, TV, phone, etc. Get used to saying, “I’m not going do that right now; I’m going to do this instead.”
    • Live debt-free, or as close to it as possible. Choose to save money for a big purchase, rather than putting it on credit. If you must put it on credit, delay all future purchases until you’ve paid it off.
    • The 10 Test: Will this matter in 10 days? In 10 months? In 10 years?
    • Raise your integrity level, both to yourself and others…don’t lie about little things, don’t fudge things, don’t cheat in small ways.
    • Give 30 minutes of undivided attention to your family when you get home from work. Listen.

    What one habit would you suggest to someone looking for success in life?

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