Thank You For Serving Our Country, Give Us The Opportunity To Serve You.

    Today was a great day, I met a young family man who is currently serving in the Navy.

    I had a brief chat with this veteran who has a wife and two young children. He was completely unaware of all the benefits that come along with a VA Loan, when purchasing a home. He never looked into getting a home because he believed we are not in a strong enough market. The economy is very strong and the strongest it’s been, at one of its greatest times as loan defaults are at an all time low! 💥

    Are you unaware of all your benefits that you currently have for serving our country?

    You D E S E R V E the right to own a home, you may be that person missing tons of benefits of homeownership that you are unaware of.

    …. my day is going great because I am meeting his wife and kids on Thursday! 🤗

    T H A N K Y O U for serving our country, consider me the opportunity to serve you. 🇺🇸

    Thank you!!

    Melissa Hernandez
    Cell: (480) 818.4917